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Why did I become an aromatherapist?

Why did I become a Certified Aromatherapist - The Clawfoot

This is a loaded question.

For years I had been hearing about essential oils. Had family members using them and joining the MLM train. I never jumped on board even though I was intrigued. Fast forward to 2018. I started to research some natural ways to deal with health issues. I hate taking meds. Hate. Can’t remember to take them. Hence the internet search.

I came across the MLM companies and hard core looked into them. Considered joining up. The more I researched, the more conflicting information I found. The more confused I became. I came across The Aromahead Institute during my many internet search feats. After about two months of debate, I puked the trigger and signed up. BEST decision ever! Seriously folks, Andre Butje is legit. The girl knows her stuff. She has been in the industry for decades. Teaching, selling, learning, speaking, you name it. The community that they foster there is top notch. With over 200 hours of education under my belt, last month I received my certification.

Now listen when I tell you, the learning will never end. It’s a constant evolving modality. But, with all the knowledge I have acquired and the community of support I have found, I am confident in my abilities to safely and effectively use essential oils. Not only for myself and my family but also to help others.

And this is in no way telling you not to be a part of the MLM companies that sell essential oils. If that’s your thing, go for it. Get your game face on and rock that shit. It just ended up not being my path.

So as you can see I’m new to blogging but hope you stick around and enjoy this aromatic journey with me!


P.S. If you are interested in becoming an aromatherapist, check out Aromahead Institute

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