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Essential Oil Quarantine Aids

While we are all trying to deal with being in quarantine, we are looking for ways to help protect ourselves and our families. While I am not here to tell you that I have some magic cure for you using essential oils, I am here to tell you that you can use essential oils to help protect your families respiratory and immune systems.

Also, the lockdown and everything going on can be a bit overwhelming. It’s taking a tool on our emotional and mental health. We can use essential oils to help support that as well. Here is beautiful blend that will support your emotional needs. A few substitutions for you would be any floral for the Ylang Ylang such as Jasmine or Rose. For the Sandalwood you could use Patchouli or Vetiver. For the Lavender you could try Frankincense for a non-floral type. Also Neroli or Geranium. Neroli is pretty strong so I’d drop down the amount to maybe 2 drops. To use this for kids, drop down the total drops to 5-6.


The second blend I wanted to give you was one that you could use for your respiratory system protection. These three oils have been very well researched and are protective and supportive. A few substitution ideas for you would be Eucalyptus in place of Ravintsara, Sweet Marjoram for the Tea Tree and any conifer type oil for the Black Spruce such as pine or fir. If you want to diffuse this in your kids room try these subs: Patchouli for Ravintsara and Cedarwood for the Black Spruce.

The final blend I wanted to share with you is an overall immune support blend that works for both adults and children. This blend is good for expanding breathing, it’s a decongestant as well as emotionally supportive.

In addition to using these in your diffuser, you can also them to a carrier and use them as a massage oil or lotion. For the Clear the Air or the Sigh of Relief blends, you could mix them up and then use just one single drop into a steaming bowl of water and use it for a steam inhalation by putting a towel over your head and breathing in the aroma.

I hope that you find these blends beneficial during this difficult time. If you have any questions, as always, please let me know. Until next time, Much AromaLove <3.


Disclaimer: Post may contain affiliate links. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. My products and posts are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases. They are not a replacement for doctor prescribed treatment and medication. Not intended for use on small children unless otherwise noted. If you are pregnant, nursing or under the care of a physician for chronic issues, please consult them prior to trying any essential oil products. All products/recommendations are for external use only.

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