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A Guide To Putting On Your Big Girl Panties

When you put the wants and needs of everyone around you above your own basic needs, you my friend, are a people-pleaser. This became an addiction, a survival mechanism that got me through most of my life. It's how I survived a house of chaos, dysfunction, and addiction. Even as I headed down the path of sex, drugs, and alcohol myself, I was only concerned with ensuring those around me were happy. I carried this into my marriage and motherhood which led me into a black hole of depression and anxiety.


A decision had to be made. Woman up and take off your people-pleasing panties and learn to actually live in this amazing life you built or continue to ignore yourself, worry about everyone else, and let those suicidal thoughts take control.


Buckle up. This is a ride through a childhood of drugs and alcohol, teen years of desperation seeking love and safety, heading down the same path as my parents as a young adult, longing for a family filled with love and safety, creating a beautiful family and not knowing how to embrace it, learning to set boundaries, dipping my toe into a pool of healing and then diving in head first and emerging a queen with a voice and a mission.


It's real. It's raw. It's vulnerable. It's truth, sprinkled with humor, it's sassy, lots of swearing, complete honesty, full of love and healing.

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