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Theresa Ann Tirk

(724) 712-9325

If you are not a member of the press, please send all inquiries via email, not phone.

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Theresa Tirk is a Published Author, Speaker, Certified Life Quantum Coach, Reiki II Energy Worker, and Certified Aromatherapist.  She is also certified in EFT (emotional-freedom-technique) and NLP Timeline Release. 

She is dedicated to helping women everywhere awaken to their own validation and strength so they can learn to prioritize their own care and feel confident in themselves. To learn how to love themselves and their life.

She began coaching after her own spiritual journey of self-discovery through a battle with depression and anxiety. She believes in the power of mindset shifts and creating daily rituals that have massive impact on your life. She lives in Pennsylvania with her soulmate and BFF, her daughter, their dog, two ducks, and six chickens.  She is the CEO of The Ritual Queen LLC and host of The Ritual Queen Podcast. 


Media Appearances

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Sample Interview

Excerpt from Uncensored

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Hello. My name is Theresa, and I am a recovering people-pleaser. I am also a wife, a mom, and so many other things too! With all of these titles comes more expectations, opinions, and you guessed it – more people pleasing! I decided to write this book and share my stories with the hopes it will bring you some comfort, inspiration, healing, and laughter. A book that is based on my perception and opinions of my life. 

I’m not even gonna lie, this is also a selfish project as part of my healing journey. You see, I’ve been on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and development for a few years now. In my early 40’s when I was finally able to muster up enough courage to admit I needed help and ask for it, I was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. That was the start of what will be a lifelong journey of inner work. It never really ends, which came as a shock to me. Seriously. I figured once I did all the therapy, twisted myself into a pretzel with all those crazy-ass yoga moves, sat cross-legged on a meditation pillow for hours on end, and unleashed the demons within onto paper, I’d be healed. A sparkly white light would shine down onto my golden locks, and I’d be one with the Universe and at peace within. 

Newsflash lady, that elusive unicorn is still fucking hiding from me. I have now come to terms with the fact that as much as I can look back over the last few years and realize just how far I have actually come, I can also look forward and know that the work will forever be happening and I’m okay with that. Crazy as it is, I actually like doing all this stuff. I know, you are probably rolling your eyes at me thinking, “yeah OK bitch, inner work is fun, sure thing.” Slow your roll girl, I didn’t say fun, I said I like it, but yes there are times where healing and working on yourself can actually be fun. 

This journey I’ve been on has allowed me to meet some amazing women and explore options that I had no clue even existed. I’ve become a certified aromatherapist, a certified life coach, level 1 Reiki certified, a published author (fingers crossed), and I know that there is so much more on the horizon. 

Four years ago, I would have never dreamed any of that would have existed in my world. I had trouble getting out of bed and brushing my teeth on a daily basis and normal everyday functions were a huge challenge. The thought of a career that I loved helping others was not even a blimp on my radar. In all honesty, yes, a journey of self-discovery is hard, it gets ugly, you want to say fuck it and quit more times that you can count, but it’s also beautiful, freeing, and healing. And we are so worth all the effort. 

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