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Day 3, RYMBS Challenge

Day 3 is all about your body and showing it some love. Treat your skin with love. I know that when my skin is dry, itchy, flaky – I feel embarrassed, annoyed and unsexy. When I take care of my skin and it’s soft, smooth and glowing – that all reflects in my confidence and attitude.

A few alternatives to the action tip in the picture: -Instead of a body scrub, you could try dry brushing. I’ve been doing this lately and really enjoy it. I purchased a body brush from Walmart that was labeled specifically for Dry Brushing for like 6 bucks.

-Most people might not have Rosehip Oil on hand. As an Aromatherapist, I have tons of different oils around me. But a few popular ones you could use would be coconut oil, Jojoba Oil or just a good lotion that you have on hand will work just fine. The point is to just use something to moisturize your skin.

-When applying the lotion/oil, take some time to give yourself a mini massage while doing it.

Your body and your confidence will thank you! Let me know if you give Day 3 a try.

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