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Reset Your Mind, Body, Soul Day 8

More of us are working from home right now, so this is a great action step today!  Clutter can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Not just at our desks but our entire house can have this impact on our mood and stress levels.  If you have the time, while on lockdown, try and declutter an area per day. 

But for Day 8, we are just going to focus on our desk area. If you don’t currently have a desk area, pick another area that you typically ignore – a junk drawer, a kitchen island, a dinning room table, that treadmill in the corner of your room covered with clothes…….just pick an area in your house that gives you stomach pains at the thought of having to deal with it lol.  When you have an area cleared up, decluttered and looking fresh, those feelings will waterfall throughout the rest of your mood, your day, your house.  What area are you going to tackle today?

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