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Reset Challenge, Day 9

It’s easy to get overwhelmed right now. Working from home, not working at all, schooling the kids, taking care of everyone in the household – the cooking, the cleaning, there are days it’s non-stop chaos. 

But it also means, more family time, family dinners, less running to activities and sports and meetings.  Being home, making lists is something I do….frequently.  And then I will get upset with myself if I don’t get everything on the list done. Sound familiar? 

So today’s action step is to just focus on one thing. Look at your to-do list and decide what is the most important thing for you to accomplish today. Then do it. That’s it. Don’t worry about all the other 575 things on the list or in your head.  Just do ONE thing.  It will help to reduce the overwhelm, the self-judgement when you don’t get shit done and can provide a sense of accomplishment. 

That’s the plan for Day 9.  How are you all doing during this challenge. Have you had any day so far you enjoyed or disliked more than the others?

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