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Restoring self-esteem

Confidence & Self-Esteem is something vital to restoring your identity. Working towards self-worth, we need to rebuild your confidence. In order to do that, you have to love yourself. You have to make yourself a priority. How does this topic make you feel? Anxious? Or do you unequivocally love yourself?

Let’s talk about a few things you can do immediately to start this connection. *Look in the mirror every day and say one nice thing to yourself. *On an index card, write down 3-5 affirmations you can say throughout your day *Journal it out – write down some things that you struggle with when you look in the mirror. Dig into the root issues of why you feel this way.

There are some additional resources available for you in the freebie library, check those out if you haven’t already. Come over and join us in the Facebook Group for further support.

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