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The Energy of Money - How to be an energetic match to money

Money is like a red button, sensitive topic - almost taboo.

There are a lot of shoulds and shouldn'ts when it comes to money.

There are also a lot of misconceptions.

So for today's blog post, I'd like to lift the curtain and talk about the energy of money.

Have you ever heard anyone say that money is energy?

Well, it is energy. Currency to be exact. (Energy and currents go hand in hand)

It's not just a piece of paper or a silver coin.

There is value attached to that dollar bill.

The energy of one dollar is different from the energy of 100 dollars.

I'm sure you can feel the difference!

Money is currency and it is constantly circulating, looking for vessels where it can flow through.

Now the question is, are you an open vessel where money can flow through?

First, understand that money is the masculine energy.

Masculine meaning it carries the energies of support, protection, and providership.

Second, money is attracted to its matching energies - power, trust, gratitude.

Support = Power

Protection = Trust

Providership = Gratitude

Third, money is neutral. It is responding to who you are being. It doesn't matter to money what you are doing or not doing. What matters to money is that you are a match - energetically speaking.

If you are a vibrational match (energy and frequency), it has no choice but to come to your experience. It is law.

The Energy of Power

Money loves to support. Its purpose is to serve you. And you putting money on the pedestal is not helping you.

You know what will help you?

Owning your power and having authority in your own fucking life!

Money is repelled when you are at the mercy of those around you.

Stop your people-pleasing patterns. Instead, use that energy to own who you are.

Put simply, stop giving your power away. Decide what you want to do with your life. Decide how you want life to work for you. And go ahead and do whatever it takes. Do the damn thing!

When you are persistent in owning your power, money rushes in to support you.

The Energy of Trust

Trust in yourself.

Trust that God/Universe is on your side.

Trust that life is rigged in your favor.

The energies of worry, doubt, and fear push money away and trust me when I tell you, being worried doesn't solve anything. Yes, it's a normal human reaction. But do you really need to stay in the vibe of worry for 3 years?

I mean, yes, feel it. Acknowledge it. Thank it for letting you know that something needs to change. Then release it. Take inspired action.

Find a way to get back into trust. Even just a measure of trust, of willingness to trust that God, The Universe, Source has your back.

The energy of trust is what drives you to take big inspired actions. This is what makes you an open vessel for the energy of money.

The Energy of Gratitude

Gratitude is a very soft energy. It is feminine energy, and money which carries the masculine energy is attracted to it. Money loves to stay where it is appreciated and celebrated.

Gratitude is not just a thought or an idea in your head. It's not just about "saying" thank you.

It's about embodiment.

It's a feeling in your bones, in your cells.

Gratitude feels like joy, laughter, appreciation, thankfulness, contentment... and celebration.

Celebrate every small win in your life. Be thankful. Appreciate the little things. Be content with what is ... knowing that more is coming.

This makes you ultra attractive to money and it will manifest in the form of opportunities falling in your lap, new sources of income, clients finding your business, or an unexpected job promotion.

There are infinite ways that money can flow through you. And your only job is to embody the energies of power, trust, and gratitude.

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