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Roadmap to Discovery



The Roadmap to Discovery

You have stepped onto the road of self-discovery and I am proud and excited for you!

When you are feeling lost or lonely or out of touch it can be hard to recall who you are deep down. I want to help you on your road to rediscovering who you are! I've been through it, so I get it. Get started today by downloading your roadmap below and enjoy the ride. 


1. Recognizing you are lost

When you look in the mirror, you don't recognize the person looking back.


2. Evaluate all aspects of your life

Family, Friends, Career, Hobbies, Social, Love,  Yourself - what needs to change?


3. Acknowledge limiting beliefs & perspectives

Make a list of what is holding you back and your negative thoughts and perspectives. Then work on re-wording them and journaling through limiting beliefs.


4. Set achievable goals

Keep it realistic but in line with your goals and within a short time frame

Image by Jack Anstey

The big question.

How do I know I'm lost?

the ritual queen

Are you a people pleaser?

Are you putting everyone else first?

Do you feel alone in a room full of people?

Do you feel sad, lonely or depressed?

You look to others for your worth or value.

If this resonates with you  and you want further  support on your journey,
I got you.

Fuel Your Soul
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