Smudge Spray; Protection, Energy Cleaning

Does your energy feel stuck, stagnant or negative? 


This beautiful blend of hydrosols and essential oils work synergistically to help clear your space. 

Ushers in a sense of tranquility and calm. 


Use during meditation and rituals or anytime you feel your own energy or the energy within your space needs refreshed and cleared. 



Contains Sweet Grass Hydrosol which is a plant used traditional rituals and cleansing of sacred spaces. It has been referred to as “holy grass,” and several native populations of North America call it “sacred hair of Mother Earth.”


Lemon Essential Oil - Uplifting and cleansing, Expands energy, promotes a sense of opening.


Thyme Essential Oil - Offers long term energetic support, Reduces anxiety and brings a sense of calm.


Juniper Berry Essential Oil - Cleanses and protects and Drives out negative forces


Shake Well Before Use.

Smudge Spray; Protection, Energy Cleaning