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Medicine Cabinet Makeover E-Book

How would you like to be able to support your family's health  with natural alternatives? 


Do you use essential oils? If not, do you want too but unsure how to get started? 


Are you looking for more ways to use them in your every day life? 


This e-book is for you. 

I have created an outline for you with some basic uses of essential oils to create your own holistic medicine cabinet. 


It includes listings of essential oils that support over 30 common ailments from colds and bloating to  PMS and muscle aches & pains. 


There are dilution recommendations.

There are safety tips.

And then there are the DIY Recipes. 


I have included over 30 Recipes that you can create using commonly available essential oils to aid your family in a wide variety of ailments from headaches and allergies to anxiety and varicose veins. 


This is provided to you in a PDF format for immediate download. 

 There are 12 pages total.

 It's printable or just view in digital format.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover E-Book

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