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Crystal Chakra Essential Oil Rollerballs

The Soulful Collection - Nourish the Skin, Nurture the Soul.


Therapeutic RollerBalls for your Chakras. Use them to aid in unblocking a chakra, for increasing awareness, meditation and alignment. Each rollerball includes crystals and essential oils specially selected for each particular chakra. 



Root Chakra:  

Crystal - Garnet: Passion • Joy • Energizing

Vetiver, grounds and protects. 

Clary Sage, uplifting and nourishing. 

Rosewood, helps prepare for spiritual healing.

Sandalwood, encourages and protects. 

Cinnamon, warms and inspires. 


Sacral Chakra: 

Crystal - Toumaline:  Removes Negativity • Balance • Protection

Ginger, warms and stabilizes.

Sweet Orange, bright energy and positivity.

Patchouli, help balance overthinking and worry.


Solar Plexus Chakra: 

Crystal - Tigers Eye: Harmonizing * Help rid your mind and body of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt.

Black Pepper,reduce fears and motivate change when change is needed.

Cardamom,  invites mental clarity and balance.

Lime, refreshes and uplifts.


Heart Chakra:

Crystal - Rose Quartz: Love * Restore trust and harmony.

                Adventurtine: Luck • Abundance • Confidence

Neroli - calms and soothes.

Ylang Ylang - relaxes and calms. 

Bergamot - relaxing, restorative, calming. 


Throat Chakra: 

Crystal - Lapis Lazuli: Awareness • Inner Wisdom •Trust

Peppermint, awakens and refreshes the sense.

Frankincense, encouraging emotional healing and bringing peace and calm.

Blue Cypress, calming and grounding.



Crystal - Amethyst: Sincerity * Incredibly protective, healing, and purifying.

Lavender, balancing, soothing, nurturing.

Jasmine, nourishing and balancing.

Rosewood, helps prepare for spiritual healing.

Crystal Chakra Essential Oil Rollerballs

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