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Be Uncensored: The Coloring Book


An Adult Coloring Book with Swearing for Stress Relief, Depression, and Anxiety


When you are having a shitty day, you need to find a creative outlet to relief your stress. Maybe you are suffering from mental health issues such as depression or anxiety and you need some mind numbing activity, but the thought of coloring rainbows and unicorns just causes more stress because you're f*cking depressed. Maybe it's the opposite, maybe you are having a great f*cking day free of negative thoughts and you want to color some badd*ss butterflies.

This coloring book is for you. I have created it so that it can guide you through the light and dark. There are pages to color when you are feeling down, when you are sitting in the darkness of your day and you don't want someone to try and cheer you up with sunshine and rainbows. Go color the "F*ck It" page, release that anger and stress.

There are pages to color when you are feeling incredible and want to relax and have some fun. When you are having an amazing day and you just want some creative time to reflect how fantastic you are, color the Zen woman meditating.

There are options for you no matter if you are feeling heavy and shitty or light and happy. So grab your coloring book, your favorite beverage, and go f*cking relax!

  • Swear words
  • Crystals & tarot
  • Woman feeling sadness
  • Woman feeling joy
  • Space, planets, moon
  • and more!

Single-sided pages, suitable for all skill levels, makes a great gift!

Be Uncensored: The Coloring Book

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