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“Who Am I To Write A Book?” - Dealing With My Own Limiting Beliefs

When the idea of writing a book first came to my mind, I thought I was literally going crazy.

Like, what the hell?!

Yes, in the depths of my heart, I really, really would love to write a book and share my story.

Yes, at the core of my soul, I feel called to be seen, to be visible, to be open.

Yes, my intuition is telling me the next step is to be stripped of all my inhibitions, be spiritually NAKED, and write everything in my book.

And yet, my ego wants to vomit.

My ego wants to punch me in the face and kick my ass.

My ego says,

“The fuck?!

Who am I to write a book?!

What value do I have to offer?!

Who do I think I am?!

Do I really think I’m on the same level of Oprah or Brene Brown … or *GULP* Gabby Bernstein??


Uhmm … NO! I’ma go back to the kitchen and do the damn dishes.”

This pattern of self-talk went on for years and years, until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

My inner being, my higher-self as you may call it, is gently pushing me to write a book.

It just wouldn’t go off my mind and my heart is aching for it.

There’s that small voice inside me (my inner child) whispering, “Come on, write a book. This is the next step.”

So I sat with my ego and dealt with some harsh possibilities.

What could possibly go wrong if I wrote a book? What am I afraid of?

People who know me might laugh in disbelief that I am writing a book so I will be embarrassed or something. I’ll be judged for what’s IN my book.

But is that what really matters?

Well, no. What matters is that I do what makes me happy and in this moment, writing a book makes me happy.

What if nobody wants to read my book and it will just collect dust in the bookstores?

Well, I believe that we live in an attraction-based universe where people get what they are a match for.

I believe that my book will get into the hands of people who will be served by my story.

Who am I to write a book?!?

Well, I am Theresa Ann Tirk.

I am a wife, a mother, a friend, a woman, a daughter of the Divine.

I am a spark of light in this vast eternal universe.

I have a story to share and this story is going to add value to people’s lives.

My intention for writing this book is this:

To empower whoever is going to read my story. To help them realize that they are not at the mercy of anyone. That they have the power to create their lives and that God, the Universe is on their side.

That’s it.

Once I dealt with my fearful ego, I was able to lovingly say YES to my inner child.

And this was a huge breakthrough for me, to say to myself, to put my desires over all the noise, fears, and limiting beliefs.

I celebrate this win with my family.

I celebrate myself for having the courage to say YES to myself.

It’s a big deal. It really is :)

So anyway...

Have I told you that the energy of celebration signals the universe to give you more?

I am in the final process of publishing my book.

Like, what the heck?!

I can’t believe it. The Universe, God is sending me people who can help me get my book published and in the hands of those who need it the most.


My heart is filled with gratitude.

So my loves, if you want to do something and you’ve been putting it off, for some reason you feel so afraid to even admit to yourself that that is your desire, let me tell you this:

Listen to your soul. Follow your intuition. God is on your side.

But you have to go first. You gotta lead yourself.

You have all the answers inside you.

XO, Theresa

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