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What the heck is a carrier?

What the heck is a carrier oil - The Clawfoot

Alright friends, let’s talk about carriers. Just about all essential oil discussions refer to carriers but most don’t actually tell you what a carrier is. They are called “carriers” because they carry the essential oils to your skin. I think to understand the use of them, you need to understand the why you need them. Essential oils are highly concentrated, volatile oils. Using them without dilution can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, or even more severe health issues. You should never use an essential oil undiluted or “neat” unless under the care of a certified practitioner.

That being said there are so many carrier oils, it would be an extremely large post to cover them all! So I’m going to focus on a few popular ones as well as a few you may not be familiar with.

*Avocado Oil – expressed from dried avocado flesh. It’s highly penetrating and deeply nourishing. It softens dry skin. It is also down to restore and re-moisturize the skin. Can help to prevent chapping and cracks in skin. Used for skin inflammation and for pain blends. It’s a deep green color with a milk aroma. It has a shelf life of about a year.

*Baobab – cold pressed from the fruit of the African Baobab tree. It’s also highly penetrating, nourishing and skin softening. It has a high content of essential fatty acids, it’s a good skin-penetrating enhancer. Aids in healing scars and alleviates pain from burns. Shelf life is about 2 years.

*Cocoa Butter is a popular carrier. It’s expressed from seeds of the cocoa tree. It’s highly protective of our skin and can act as a water repellent. Helps soften skin and improve flexibility. It’s praised for it’s treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Shelf life of about 2 years.

*Coconut Oil is another popular one. It’s pressed from the inside flesh of a coconut. It’s wonderful for itchy or sensitive skin. It can service as a protective layer and help retain moisture. Most with sensitive skin find it soothing. Has a strong coconut scent with a 2 year shelf life.

*Jojoba Wax – it’s called an oil but actually a liquid wax that is made from the pressing