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The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra 

Where it all begins!

The root chakra is at the base of your spine and connects your energy with the Earth, it’s where your grounding comes from. In Sanskrit it’s, Maladhara. It governs your day to day survival. This energy centers role is to give you everything you need to survive. If this chakra is not in balance, you cannot fully balance the other 6 chakras.

The color associated with this chakra is Red. The element associated is Earth. The planet is Saturn. The sound is “oohm.” The yoga poses that you should do to work with this chakra are standing poses. “Lam” is the mantra that you can chant as  part of your meditation. Try eating “earth or grounding” foods that are grown in the earth or that are the color red. When meditating diffuse one of the essential oils and visualize a ball of red light at the base of your spine.

When your chakra is balanced it translates to a sense of accomplishment, peace on money, safety and shelter, you feel connected to human experience. Imbalanced causes you to feel ungrounded, fearful, insecure, confused and unclear in your purpose. When it’s overactive, you feel jittery and anxious. If it’s underactive you may experience day dreaming, trouble concentrating, a “head in the clouds” type feeling. Physical symptoms can manifest in the way of digestive issues, back and hip pain, ovarian or prostrate issues. There are a few different ways to balance this chakra. Take care of your survival needs first. Focus on your spiritual connection – pray and meditate. Volunteer and provide acts of kindness and compassion. Spend time in nature – take a walk, get your feet in the grass.

Let’s talk about the essential oils that can work to help balance and calm this chakra. Try applying one oil or a blend of them to your feet and lower back, massaging in a clockwise direction. Once applied focus on positive thoughts and intentions aimed at balance. I have an already created rollerball specifically for the Root Chakra in my shop if interested. You can also diffuse the essential oils in the home while you are working on balancing. If you are looking for some essential oils, you can find them at my shop. I also recommend Rocky Mountain Oils, they are affordable and responsibly resources.

  1. Cedarwood

  2. Frankincense

  3. Myrrh

  4. Patchouli

  5. Spikenard

  6. Vetiver

There are also specific crystals that work well with this chakra. Try using these crystals during meditation. If you are looking for a place to purchase some healing stones and crystals, check out Energy Muse.

  1. Bloodstone

  2. Garnet

  3. Red Agate

  4. Red Jasper

  5. Red Tigers Eye

  6. Ruby

Root chakra affirmation: I am grounded, stable and empowered to stand on my own two feet.

I hope you enjoyed this post. There will be more coming for the each of the chakras. Best wishes for balancing the most important of the chakras!

Until next time, Much AromaLove <3


The Root Chakra

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How to balance your root chakra
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