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The Energy Of Confidence

Have you ever wondered how a truly confident person feels and what exactly is going on in their mind?

Here’s the thing about confidence, it has a frequency.

The energetics behind confidence can be explained through feelings.

It’s a vibe.

It’s not something that you can fake. It’s not something that you can simply THINK OF.

Confidence is about embodiment. It’s about a state of BEING.

Let’s talk a little bit about the energetics of confidence.

For me, the simplest way to explain its frequency is through FEELINGS.

Are you ready?

Here we go!

First, confidence feels like liberty.

It’s about not giving a fuck about other people’s opinion.

Yes, you understand that they have an opinion about who you are.

Yes, you get that they have the freedom to speak their thoughts about you.

Yes, you know that you can’t stop them from criticizing you anyway.

And above all of that, confidence is liberating yourself from the burden of worrying about their opinion.

You just couldn’t bring yourself to worry about them. Your energy (thoughts and feelings) is spent on your well-being and your family’s well-being.

Second, confidence feels like power.

It’s about knowing deep down in your soul that you can do whatever needs to be done and that you are capable.

You are not waiting for other people to cheer on you before you can muster the courage to help yourself.

You are not needing other people’s permission before you can make a decision in your life.

Instead, you feel completely responsible for your well-being. You feel accountable for your own actions.

There’s no space for blaming and pointing fingers.

You are your own validation and strength.

Third, confidence feels like kindness.

It’s not arrogant. It’s not self-entitled.

True confidence is about being a shining light to those who are unsure about themselves.

When they step into your vibe, they absorb your energetic codes and they start to feel what’s possible.

If you’ve ever had a friend who is so high-vibe that whenever you are with her, you feel as though you can conquer the world? That’s the feeling of true confidence.

It’s not intimidating. It is inspiring.

It’s not the vibe of superiority. It’s the vibe of “If I can do this, you can too!”

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