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Stop Playing The Victim Role

Easy for me to say right? Not really.

I was a “victim” for a very long time. I was a victim of bad luck, terrible childhood, bad relationships, growing up poor, having debt, jobs I hate, no friends, depression, anxiety, no parents, guilt, loneliness…..the list goes on and on…I think you get my point.

Being a victim of these “circumstances” was a big part of my identity. Then as I started to heal myself, started to love myself, started to figure out I was worthy of a life I actually wanted to live, I realized something. I did not want to be a victim. I did not want my identity to be centered around childhood circumstances. I did not want it to be a victim to the decisions I made. Because my friends, that’s what it is. Playing the victim is just not living up to the decisions you have made. NOW….before you start firing back at me that there are some things beyond your control….I understand that. I did NOT choose to grow up in a chaotic, dysfunctional household. I DID NOT choose to be born to parents who didn’t want to be parents. And there are many other things in life that happen to us that we DO NOT choose. What I’m saying is this. What you do choose is your perception of these circumstances. You get to DECIDE how to proceed in life based on the circumstances you are given. I chose NOT to continue the chain of family dysfunction with my own children and husband.

You have to acknowledge the hurt you experienced and find a way to move on. You have to acknowledge the poor decisions you made and find a way to move on. You have to acknowledge that you are a STRONG ASS WOMAN and you have the power to stand up and take your life back.

Are you ready?

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