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Self-Care is a Privilege

Taking care of yourself is a privilege. ⁣ Bullshit!!!! ⁣ Whoever or whatever put that belief in your head is wrong. A thousand times wrong. ⁣ We have been so conditioned to believe that “self-care” is a luxury that we don’t deserve. ⁣ And I am here to break that barrier for you. ⁣ Caring for yourself is a priority. It’s a necessity. It’s your right. ⁣ Why? Because…..⁣ 🌸You are important⁣ 🌼You matter ⁣ 🌻You are worthy ⁣ 💐You can’t give to others when you are drained, exhausted, burnt out, stressed out (you get the idea)⁣ 🌷Whoever made you believe otherwise was a fucking liar. ⁣ Are you shaking your head at me? Thinking….bitch is crazy? I am a working mom, I am a SAHM, I am a career woman, I’m building a business, I don’t have time for manicures and bubble baths. ⁣ ⁣ Alright….calm yourself. ⁣ That is NOT the care I’m talking about. I would put those on my “luxury menu” because you really need time to invest in that experience. ⁣ The care I’m talking about is everyday love and compassion for yourself. You know, what you give everyone else? ⁣ 💫It’s not judging yourself for every little thing. ⁣ ⭐️It’s going to bed at a decent time to get the rest you need. ⁣ 💫It’s giving yourself grace when you make a mistake. ⁣ ⭐️It’s taking 5 minutes for yourself in the morning to sit quietly with your coffee or tea. ⁣ 💫It’s knowing when you need to lock yourself in the bathroom for a few deep breathes and to gain your composure. ⁣ ⭐️Its giving yourself the permission you need to take a walk, do some yoga, go to the gym, etc. ⁣ 💫It’s forgiving yourself when you burn dinner, yell at your kids, snap at your spouse, say mean things to yourself, forget laundry in the washer for three days, screw up a project, buy snacks instead of making them, and on & on. ⁣ Let go of the guilt and shame and judgement we out on ourselves. You are doing your best. Some days are better than others. And that is OK! ⁣ You need to care about yourself every single fucking day.

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