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New Moon Ritual

Tonight is the New Moon. It marks the beginning of a new lunar month. I wanted to share my ritual with you. ⁣You do not need to copy my ritual 100%, there is no wrong way to do it. It's your time, your ritual, make it your own.

The New Moon is a beautiful opportunity to release bad habits, negative thoughts and actions. Things that are no longer serving you. ⁣

I use this opportunity to prepare for the upcoming month by setting my intentions and goals. ⁣

✨I release negativity through smudging and allow space for new to enter. ⁣

✨I pull a card from one of my Oracle Decks - I typically use Moonology during this time. ⁣

✨I grab my journal and I set my intentions. I write down all my goals, my wishes, my desires. I make sure I'm as specific as possible. Declare to The Universe exactly what you want! Under the bright New Moon, I read my list aloud. Then I give thanks - To God, The Universe, Angels. I thank them for what I have and for what they are bringing into my life. ⁣

✨I light a candle and burn my list. I am releasing and trusting. Some people will hold onto their list until the Full Moon - your ritual, your choice. ⁣

✨I am a crystal LOVER. During the New Moon, I sit my crystals outside to bath in the beauty. When I am smudging myself at the start of my ritual, I will also allow the smoke to clear them so they can fill up with the beauty and power of the moon. ⁣

✨I close out with some affirmations. Here are a few of my favorites. ⁣

⭐️I embrace the new beginnings this New Moon brings. ⁣

⭐️I am open to receiving abundance. ⁣

⭐️I let go of what is no longer serving me. ⁣

⭐️I am open to all that serves my souls purpose. ⁣

I hope that this inspires you to begin your own Moon Ritual. I will be adding more Moon Rituals to the blog and freebies resources. Enjoy!


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