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My 3 Practical Tips On How to Become An Empowered Mom

Here’s the thing about motherhood…

Everybody tells you how hard it is, and YET you will never really understand it until you become a mother yourself.

The truth is that the hardship is just a small part of the journey. I can attest to this and I’m sure a lot of moms will relate.

Yes, there are hardships but those tears and sweats are nothing compared to the joy and love that I feel for my children.

There is immense power in motherhood.

You just feel it in your gut. You just know what’s best for your children.

They don’t come out of your body with a manual from the heavens telling you what to do with them.

You just learn on the go. Day after day.

So, if you are feeling low, unsure, and unconfident, here are my top 3 tips for owning your power as a mother:

First, let go of the perfect mother image.

Perfectionism is BS, and it will sabotage you all the time.

Your internal perfectionist will tell you that you’re not enough, you should be like her, why can’t you do more, blah blah blah.

I want you to know that no two mothers have the same story or same journey.

There are many layers to why a particular woman could appear like she’s the most perfect mom.

Most of the time, it’s just an image that she’s not even trying to project to the world.

It is our personal insecurities that usually creates an impression that some other woman is doing better than us.

But the truth is, she also has her share of struggles and pains.

So make peace with yourself. Stop beating yourself up.

Trust that your journey is unfolding perfectly and that your best intention matters more than anything else.

Second, be a student.

As moms, we all know that we are our children’s first teacher.

How sweet that feels to our heart, right?

Cheering for our baby during their first roll over.

Watching over them as they take their first step.

Eagerly listening as they utter their first words.

Oh and of course, potty training! And so much more!

But here’s what I would like to remind you.

Our children are also teaching us beautiful truths about life.

Truths that are hidden from those who didn’t take this path called motherhood.

It’s okay to feel like a failure sometimes, but who you are becoming as a woman and as a mother is what matters most.

Third, you’re not being graded.

Nobody is judging you.

You are not being graded.

Remember that you are just doing your best and your reward is the love of your children for you.

When nasty thoughts are floating in your head, reframe them by going back to the truth.

And the truth is that you are enough.

You are miraculous just because you love your children.

You... life-giving, breath-giving … MOTHER!

You deserve the love that you are freely giving to your family.

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