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Mom Guilt is REAL.

This is a biggie for all of us moms. There are so many things we carry guilt around. Working. Not working. Takeout. TV Time. Alone Time. Spouse time. Yelling. Discipline. No Discipline. The list is endless. Imagine how much lighter you would feel if you let it go. Imagine the freedom to do what you want in your parenting journey without the fear of what others thought, the fear of the judgement from yourself! It is possible. You have to dig into the root cause of the limiting beliefs that is causing you to carry that guilt.

👉Try this: When you feel the guilt crepe up – write down what you are feeling. Each time it happens, write it down. Then when you have a moment to focus on it, do a 5 minute meditation and then get out your journal and see if you can dig into what is really causing each of those feelings of guilt. How would you feel if you could let go of the guilt that weighs you down? Let me know, I’d love to help you!



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