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Looking for a roadmap back to who you used to be?

The Roadmap to Discovery

It’s time to find your way back. ⁣ I have been working on this for weeks and I’m SO fucking excited to put it out for you today! ⁣ So, let me back peddle a moment and explain why I’m SO hella passionate about this. ⁣ I became a mother at 21 & wife at 22. I had a shitty fucking childhood – addict parents #acoa – So I was hell bent on making my kids lives AH-MAZING. I tried. Hard. I NEEDED to be the perfect mother & the perfect wife. And that was ALL I focused on. For almost two decades. ⁣ I hit a wall. Smacked me in the face. I spiraled into a deep depression. I suffered anxiety and panic attacks. I couldn’t remember who I was if I wasn’t their mom or his wife. Those two things were my only identity. I had no friends, no hobbies, nothing outside of my family. ⁣ Sound familiar? ⁣ It wasn’t easy. It took work. Deep Dive Inward & Deep Healing. Finding out how to love myself. Just finding ME! ⁣ But girl – you are SO worth the effort! 🙌⁣ If this sounds like you or someone you know, share this. Then check out this two page PDF FREEBIE. ⁣ It’s your road back back to yourself. Enjoy!!! 😘

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