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Let’s continue the reset

Welcome back!

This is part two of the reset your mind, body and soul series. If you are just joining us, you can check out the first post and days 1-10 here.

As a quick reminder, let’s recap the 20 topics:

  1. Lemon Water

  2. Self-Care Power Hour

  3. Treat your skin

  4. Fresh Air

  5. Digital Detox

  6. Nourishment through food

  7. Positive Affirmations

  8. Clean up your office/desk area

  9. Focus on one thing at at time

  10. Daily ritual

  11. Fuel your passion

  12. Gratitude

  13. Set Intentions

  14. Sleep

  15. Meditation

  16. Go Somewhere New

  17. Write it Out

  18. Unwind

  19. Less Stress

  20. Donate your Time

Now, let’s get to the last 10 days. As a reminder, I’m going to post the picture and then a link to the Instagram Post in the event you would like to read more information on that day’s action step.

               DAY 11 – (IG Post)                                             DAY 12 (IG Post)