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Journaling for Self-Care

Journaling prompts for self-love by The Clawfoot

Let’s do some more self-care talk shall we? Why you ask? Well because it’s so darn important, that’s why!

Seriously my friends. If you are not currently practicing some type of self care at minimum, once a week, get on the train. I’ve laughed these types of statements off before myself so I get it. Your thinking it’s not that important. I don’t have time. What am I supposed to do? I’m not into that woo-woo shit. That’s just called being lazy. I truly understand, I’ve either thought it or heard it all.

Let’s start with why it’s important. Because I said so. Haha, just kidding. 😜 It’s okay, we all need some humor in our day. Any-hoo……. have ever felt stressed, unhappy, overworked, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or sad? Have you ever felt a disconnect between you and you friends, family, co-workers, yourself, your spirituality, the universe? Have you ever looked at someone on social media, the mall, the park, the office, your kids baseball game and wondered how do they look so together and happy all the time?

The answer is they are either super fakers or they take the time to respect their bodies and show it some love and attention. That’s all self-care is my friends. It’s literally allowing yourself to love…well…yourself.  To have enough respect for yourself to slow down and take a breath. It’s coming to the realization that you are worth devoting time too. It’s shifting your mindset to understand that you need to feel complete and whole as a person to be able to connect with the world around you.

There are self- care tips all over the internet these days. I’m by no means a guru in the area so I can only give you my opinion and experiences. So today, I’m just going to talk about what I did to get started. Self- care was hard for me. It still is at times. I’m a nurturer to everyone but myself. That’s how I fell down the dark rabbit hole that I’ve worked for quite some time now digging out of. In order to be the nurturing wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend that I love to be, I had to start taking care of myself. You know the old saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup? Yeah me too. Heard it for years and years and just laughed at the old saying as just that, an old saying. But when you have hit the wall, fell down the hole, found the bottom, you realize that maybe that old saying holds value. To begin my journey, a therapist suggested I try journaling. Well I really didn’t know how to start or what to say so I treated it like a diary. And honestly that helped. It was a way to get out what was in my head. Because there was so much I wasn’t able to voice to anyone, just thoughts that consumed my head and my days and my nights. The pen and paper was an avenue to let go. To write down whatever I wanted. The good, the bad, the ugly. The things I didn’t even know I was holding on too. The things I would of been too embarrassed to actually say out loud. The thoughts that scared me. The thoughts that probably would of ended me in the psych ward if said out loud. Yep, I just got real with you here friends. Shit got deep. It got raw. It got vulnerable. But it was exactly what I needed. What I had been missing without even knowing it.

Now it’s taken a different path. I still journal out my thoughts and feelings. Especially when I’m having an absolutely shitty depression day or high anxiety day. But I’ve also started journaling for self improvement, for spirituality, for manifestation, for business growth.

It can be so much more than a diary. But if a diary is what you need, that is what it will be. A journal is a deeply personal thing. It will be what you need when you need it. A diary, a meditation journal, spiritual journey, business growth, manifestation guide, a friend, a savior.

If you have never tried it before, what do you have to lose? Treat yourself to a beautiful new notebook. Something you love. That you will be thrilled to carry around. That you want to sit down and pour your soul into. You deserve it.

To get you started, I made a PDF of 25 journal prompts to get your brain flowing. I hope you try it. I hope it helps you. Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you. I also have a closed FB Group dedicated to helping women – wives and mothers – who are looking for a safe space to learn, heal and connect. Please check it out if you feel aligned to do so.

Until next time, Much AromaLove <3

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