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I Hit Rock Bottom: 3 Lessons Life Taught Me

In my other blog post, I wrote about a phase in my life where I hit rock bottom and there was no filter to fix it. Read it here…

And boy, a few moms in my circle reached out to me and confided they had the same experience. 

It’s so comforting and freeing to know that we’re not alone in this roller coaster ride called motherhood!

So allow me to share the top 3 lessons life taught me during my “dark night of the soul”.

True love doesn’t fade away.

In fact, it doesn’t stop growing through the years.

It even grows stronger and deeper in ways that my mind cannot explain and yet my heart fully understands.

22 years of marriage with my wonderful husband.

Feels like a lifetime and no time all at the same time!

Yes, I’ve had depression, anxiety, and almost zero self-worth. But this I know to be true. I am loved unconditionally and fiercely. He stays by my side through and through and that’s all that really matters.

Perfection is an illusion.

Being a coach doesn’t mean that I am perfect. It doesn’t mean that I raised my children so perfectly that it gives me the right to coach other moms.

Quite the opposite.

I spent years and years of doubting myself. 

Am I doing it right? Why can’t I be like other women? 

I should have done this or shouldn’t have done that.

Why did I marry young? What was I thinking? Now I don’t know if I am really capable of this shit!

But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My journey as a wife and mom was imperfect. But there are so many lessons, moments to treasure, and not to mention, the love that always inspires me to keep on going.

There are literally no regrets. Only love.

And, by the way, this is the reason why I am qualified to help other moms. Because I am imperfect. 

I’ve been through so many things. I understand what you are going through. And I can help you collapse time. You don’t have to spend years and years doubting yourself. We can work on your issues and change your life in a much shorter span of time.

Are you ready? Email me here:

You are a Queen.

It’s your birthright as a woman. It’s just who you are.

Sometimes, or many times, you might forget who you are. But that doesn’t take away your identity. And your identity is that you are a queen.

God, the universe, wants you to own your worth and embody the queen in you.

But you have to go first. And the entire universe follows. 

You step up to claim your crown, and the universe steps up to support you.

You show up to the world before you are perfect, and the universe rushes in to do the heavy-lifting for you.

You stop waiting for somebody to rescue you and decide to be your own hero, and the entire universe conspires to deliver the desires of your heart.

You go first. The universe follows.

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