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Getting the low-down on CBD Oil

I have been completely intrigued with CBD Oil as it grows in popularity. Primarily, for myself, is to use as a sleep aid. But like many, I had so many questions. There are about a thousand and one companies out there selling and promoting it. Just like initially with essential oils, I had no idea what to look for, where to buy or how to use. It was time to get deep in research and education mode.

Thankfully for me, Aromahead Institute (where I studied my aromatherapy) started providing some mini-trainings and CBD was one of them. Talk about timing right!

Had my initial CBD Training this weekend. It was incredibly interesting and overwhelming! I had no idea it was such an involved topic. They discussed a lot related to the science of it, how it’s produced, all the different varieties and the different cannabinoids (THC, CBD) that are derived from cannabis. There are actually 5 more other than the well known CBD and THC.

The cannabinoids reach with the Endocannabinoid system within our body that is comprised of receptors (CB1 and CB2) CB1 works with the nervous system and brain CB2 is the peripheral organs, tissues and immune system

Our body produces cannabinoids but not enough to keep the system stimulated. So when we introduce cannabinoids in the way of CBD oil, it stimulates it to work efficiently.

What I found important was what they say CBD can do for you. And of course, just like essential oils, everyone is different so how you react to something will be completely different from someone else.

CBD can help with the following: -reduce short term memory loss -act as an anti-inflammatory -stress reducer -anticonvulsant -pain reliever -sleep aid -appetite suppressant (in HIGH doses)

Interesting right!!! There is still so much to learn but this is a great start towards learning more about this popular and obviously powerful natural treatment.

Please let me know in the comments any specific questions you have regarding CBD and I’ll be sure to get you answers during my education and research.

I have found a company that I 100% recommend. I did sign up with them to be an affiliate so please know that if you click the link and make a purchase, I will get credit for it. That however, is NOT why I’m promoting them. I have done so much research on trying to find the best company to buy from for my own personal use. There are so many out there that I was just not sure what to look for. The training helped me. They actually mentioned this company during the training. They are a family owned and operated farm which I love. They provide testing on their products. They created their own strain of CBD. They had an article done about them which is worth a read.

Charlottes Web is the company. I personally love the gummies – check them out!

Until next time, Much AromaLove <3

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