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Does back to school “bug” your family?

Fall is right around the corner. As sad as it is that summer is almost over, I have to admit Fall is my favorite season.

Here in PA, we get all 4 seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Now – I hate Winter, so very much. The thoughts of all the snow and ice and freezing cold headed our way makes me cry a little inside.

But Fall…..I LOVE Fall. Football, leaves changing colors, the cool evenings, fires, the scents – pumpkin spice anyone? And of course, back to school. Now, everyone may not be thrilled with sending their kids back to school. Others may be hella happy for the break! Whatever your thoughts on it, back to school can bring you some unwanted guests.

Yep. You know what Im talking about. Lice. Nobody likes to talk about it. Nobody wants to deal with it and nobody wants an infestation in their house. So lets talk about a few things you can do proactively as well as if you do encounter them in your house, how to treat naturally. Now listen, I am not a medical professional. If you end up with an outbreak of lice, I am NOT telling you to avoid traditional treatment or to NOT seek out a doctor for assistance. I just want to give you some options.

So let’s talk first about being proactive. One of the best things you can do is add Tea Tree Essential Oil to your shampoo. I do this one washing at a time. Meaning that I put some shampoo in my hand, add a drop of oil to the shampoo, mix it up and then wash. You can also use the linen spray I provide below daily on pillows, the seats of your car, etc as a proactive option.

Another great proactive or after treatment spray you can use is the following: Start with a base of Lavender or Frankincense Hydrosol then add in a mixture of oils choosing from Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon and Eucalyptus. Keep your dilution to 8oz base and 20 drops oil.

If you end up having them, a great thing you can do is a vinegar rinse in your hair. This helps with the “glue” that causes the nits to stick into your hair loosen up. Coconut oil is another great item to have on hand. You can add your Tea Tree oil to it and then coat the scalp & hair. Wrap the hair in plastic wrap or a towel and leave on for a few hours. This is said to smother the lice. Then you should be able to comb them out easily. You want to get a nit comb or a very fine tooth comb to try and extract them.

To spray down your household items that can’t be washed (ie: mattresses, chairs, car seats, etc) make up a bug fighting spray. I like to go with a base of Witch Hazel but you can use water if that’s what you have. To an 8 ounce bottle of your base, add in 25 drops Tea Tree, 5 drops Rosemary & 10 drops Lavender. Make sure that you shake up your mixture before spraying.

I sure hope that you never have to deal with an outbreak in your house but if you do maybe these options can help dealing with it a bit easier.

~Much AromaLove,


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