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Do you suffer from Mom Guilt & Comparisonitis?


-It’s all the negative thoughts that we believe to be true. -It’s letting others dictate how you feel -It’s believing all the social media and other media that makes you feel bad about how you parent. -It’s telling you that being a working mom is wrong, a SAHM is wrong, a WAHM is wrong. -It’s the thought that if you are not Pinterest perfect you are doing it wrong. -It’s the thought that frozen pizza is not how you should feed your family.

-And about a MILLION other things!

You do not have to suffer from this mom guilt bullshit. It’s real and it’s a struggle. You have the choice to put it down. It doesn’t serve you. Join my 3 day challenge to learn some tips and techniques to help you overcome the comparison game and the mom guilt merry-go-round.

The challenge takes place in my closed Facebook Group that is dedicated to helping mothers and wives navigate life with a purpose, to live beyond an identity of just a mom or just a wife.

We start on November 20th. I look forward to your healing and growth.

Sending Much Love. <3

Mom Guilt

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