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Day 7, RYMBS Challenge

After taking Easter Sunday off to spend with family, let’s get back to our challenge.

Today is Day 7.

The first 6 days have been wonderful little bits of goodness to add into your days, we are going to keep that positivity train rolling along. What better way to add good vibes to your day than with Affirmations? I LOVE affirmations. They have made a huge difference in my life and it’s a quick, simple thing to add into your day without it really taking up much time or effort. A quick tip for writing affirmations – keep it simple and keep the words positive. If you struggle with writing your own affirmations, you check out several that I have available either on my resource library on the website or within my FB group – links for both are in bio. You can also check out Pinterest or just Google it. I start my day and end my day with affirmations. Another time to say them is in the car – although most of us are spending less time there these days. I’ve said them in my meditations, while doing chores around the house, making dinner, etc. Do you currently use affirmations in your daily routine? If not, I hope that this challenge encourages you to give it a try!

If you have not yet signed up for the FREE Resource Library, do so NOW, there are lots of affirmations in there to get you started.

How is everyone doing with the challenge so far?

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