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Day 5, RYMBS Challenge

What is Day 5 of our Reset your Mind, Body & Soul Challenge? I’m so glad you asked! Today we are going to work on the decluttering of our digital life. I’m going to advise that you take it a step further than the action step suggests. This is an ideal time to detox our social media accounts as well.

  1. Unfollow people who make you feel bad about your life or yourself.

  2. Unfollow feeds on FB that don’t bring you joy or substance.

  3. If Pinterest is making you feel crappy lately because everything looks so “perfect” and you just can’t obtain it, stay off it for a few days! We are spending so much time on our devices these days with remote working, remote schooling and just downtime, after you go through the declutter & detox, try putting them down for a few hours. Take a break from the screen.

  4. Read a book, play a card game with your kids or spouse, do a puzzle, take a walk, take up a hobby that has intrigued you for awhile but you didn’t have time to start!

  5. You can still “borrow” books from a local library through an app called “Libby” (I know this doesn’t make sense when I just told you to stay OFF your devices)! But if it’s for a book to help you learn a new hobby or just to read – I say, go for it. You can still order crafting items from Amazon, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michaels – try something new.

I hope this gives you some good ideas to detox the digital.

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