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Compartmentalizing Pros & Cons

I have spent a lot of money on therapy and personal development over the last three years as I’ve battled through depression, anxiety and panic attacks. ⁣ I’ve made tremendous strides, I have grown more than I ever thought possible. I have expanded my mind, my heart and my soul. ⁣ So why do I choose to still pay to work with a coach/coaches? ⁣ Here’s why:⁣ ✨They can help you see things that should be so simple but you just can’t see it for yourself. ⁣ ✨They are a support system, cheerleader, loving critic, healer and guide for you. ⁣ ✨You are never done growing, learning, expanding. ⁣ I have worked with multiple coaches for a wide variety of reasons. ⁣ Currently, my coach is helping me to expand and grow in my business. And she is insanely incredible, @manifestwithash One session in and she helped me to see how I compartmentalize my life. ⁣ What???? I’m doing that? Huh. Yep. I can see that now. ⁣ A fresh set of eyes is something what you need to bring aspects of your life into perspective for you. ⁣ Do you compartmentalize your life? Do you need some clarity in your life?

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