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5 Simple Habits of Happy, Spiritual Moms

If your goal is to be happy ALL THE TIME, let me tell you my dear that’s not possible. We’re humans. And humans experience all sorts of crazy, illogical emotions. 

Yes, our feelings can be illogical and irrational and we don’t always have to understand why we’re feeling a certain way. 

Sometimes, and I say “sometimes”, it’s even better not to dig inside your head to find out what’s causing the emotions.

Remember that feelings are energy and the more you focus on them, the more they become intense.

What’s more helpful is to label your feelings. 

  • Annoyed

  • Angry

  • Disappointed

  • Jealous

  • Exhausted

Once you identified your emotions, ask yourself:

What can I do to shift my vibe?

Shifting your vibe is what really matters.

The truth about our feelings is that they are here to protect us. Our feelings are not our enemies.

If you’re feeling negative, I would advise you to not take any action coming from that emotion.

When you’re feeling jealous, angry, mad, sad, etc., that’s when you take actions that you will only regret later. Actions that will make you embarrassed or will put you in a worse situation.

So for today, I’d like to share 5 habits that you can start practicing when you’re feeling negative.

  1. Habit #1 Cuddle Up → Hug your spouse or your kids! Hugging not only relaxes your physical body but it also gives you the vibe of safety. And feeling safe is one of the best vibes ever.

  2. Habit #2 Light Up A Scented Candle or Use Your Favorite  Essential Oils →  Aromatherapy is something I swear by. I’ve used it for years to calm myself and shift my vibe into a manifesting mode. Recently, I’ve also discovered the magical results of Aromatherapy and EFT combined! Check out my private Facebook group, The Ritual Queens, to know more about it.

  3. Habit #3 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) →  If you haven’t heard about EFT or haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to give it a shot. It’s a quick and simple fix for releasing negative energies and even manifesting our desires. 

  4. Habit #4 Journaling → Keep a journal. Free-write. Writing down your thoughts allows you to access your subconscious mind. Just free-write (others call this word vomit) what’s on your mind and let it flow. I promise you it will change your life.

  5. Habit #5 Breathing Meditation → Inhale and exhale for at least 10 minutes. Observe your breathing and release all thoughts that come to your mind. Doing this will put your body in the receiving mode aka manifesting vibe. 

So instead of using your energy for taking actions that you will only regret later, choose one habit, any of the above, and practice it.

For me, cuddling is always the best tool. However, hubby and kids are not always at home to squeeze me so I turn to aromatherapy.

I have also been combining EFT and aromatherapy and the results have been magical and miraculous. Inspired? Interested? Email me here:

Join my exclusive Facebook community, The Ritual Queens, for mind-blowing manifestation rituals.

Love, Theresa

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