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4 Simple Steps To Protect Your Energy

Everything Is Energy. Have you heard this? ⁣

I have, about a million times! And it probably took me that long to really, truly understand the meaning. ⁣

If everything is energy and if energy goes where attention flows, then to me, it makes sense to say you should protect your own energy.⁣

Let's say you are at a family dinner and you are surrounded by people who are not in the same energy space you are, they are feeling negative or unhappy. ⁣

If you start to focus your own energy on them, maybe try to make them feel better or help them shift, or even you start to go along with their thinking and their energy, then that is what is going to flow back to you.⁣

Energy goes where attention flows......⁣

What you want to do is always make sure that your own space, your own energy is protected. If you get sucked into the vortex of someone else's negativity, make sure you take these steps to restore yourself. ⁣

1. Cleanse with sage, smudge spray, music, Palo Santo, whatever method you prefer. ⁣

2. Crystals. I like Selenite for my energy practice but you use what works for you. I charge my crystals with the moonlight so when I'm feeling depleted, I like to hold them while I cleanse myself and my space or meditate. ⁣

3. Just Breathe. When things get tense or stressful, we tend to hold our breathe, scrunch our shoulders up, tighten up our neck or stomach muscles. This just restricts our energy flow and causes more problems. Relax your body and breathe. Be mindful and take deep, full belly breathes. If you can exhale from your mouth and sigh, do it. (If you are in an area where that makes you uncomfortable just exhale normally) But really, who cares what the hell other people think, this is for YOU baby! ⁣

⁣4. Visualize. When my energy is feeling depleted or I am starting to go down the rabbit hole of darkness, visualizing always helps. It can be as simple as visualizing my favorite place in the world, the beach. Or it may be me visualizing my goals, my dreams. Sometimes I visualize myself being encased in a giant orb of sparkly white light with rainbow glitter all around like a snow globe. It's very helpful. ⁣

Next time you are feeling lost, drained, negative, sucked into a family vortex of negativity or you have a shitty fucking day at work, try these 4 steps out and see if you don't feel much better.

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