I promise, there is an easier way, you can find joy in the ordinary. 

  • I know you are feeling overwhelmed. 

  • You are over-worked, stressed and under-appreciated. 

  • You are carrying the weight of your family on your shoulders. 

  • This is not how you thought motherhood was going to be. 

If you are just going through the motions out of habit or obligation, there is a better way. 

If you wake up with pressure in your chest and unease in your stomach over guilt and fear, it’s time for change. 


If you are feeling lonely and lost, the bad days are outweighing the good, it’s time to add in joy. 


I Get You!

I Have Been You!


I had to hit rock bottom to find my way up. I want to help you navigate motherhood without hitting the rock. 

Are you ready to kick mom guilt to the curb? It’s time to live every day on your terms, not through fear and guilt. 

Are you ready to learn tools and techniques to squash the feelings of overwhelm when they arise within?

You deserve to find peace, joy and love within yourself. 

- What if you had a self-care routine in place so that you could de-stress even on your busiest days?

- What if you found joy in the ordinary day?

- What if you could restore your mental well-being and high vibe feelings?

-What if you claimed the crown as the Queen of the house?


Welcome to Mommy R&R


Your resource for releasing the bullshit and creating rituals for a beautiful life.

What You Get:

Video trainings for each phase 

 video instruction for EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping)

 PDF about EFT

PDF worksheets for each phase 


Journal Prompts 


A private FB Group

Lifetime Access



We will work on releasing your limiting beliefs, mom guilt and stress.

Everyone is stressed right? We carry the weight of everything on our shoulders and I’m going to help you put it down.



Restore your sanity, yes it’s possible. We will do this by creating rituals in your day for your self-care and

self-preservation. I will help you to build a routine that you can use even on your busiest days.

You get all of this for only $77.00 

Bonus Offer

Exclusive option to add a call with me! You can choose between a 30 minute or 60 minute 1:1 call. I can help you to work through any part of the program, create a ritual customized to you, whatever you need help with to let go and embrace love and joy.