Confident as a Mutha!



Mom guilt and shame consume you.

You are self-conscious of your body, have a poor body image.

You compare yourself to others constantly and feel you don't measure up.

You are full of self-doubt & second-guess yourself constantly.

Your mind races daily with self-defeating thoughts.


Me too. Well, at least I used to


There was a point in time when many of the above were very true for me. 

I’ve been there. I was you. And it sucked!

It’s not that I don’t love being a mother. 

I do! I really really do. Motherhood brought me tears of joy, bliss, and a deep sense of purpose and meaning. 


However, motherhood changed so many things in my life and I struggled to catch up with myself.


The transition from who I used to be (the young, wild and free Theresa) to who I am now (the doting wife and hands on mom Theresa) was one hell of a crazy ride.


My life revolved around my family. I stopped caring about how I looked because my kids’ needs are more important than my new haircut or me being “put together.” Staying social as a new mom was a horrendous challenge. As a full-time mom, there was no career that will validate my worth or a business that will measure my success.

I got too busy and yet life felt stagnant.

Soon I fell into a spiral of depression and anxiety from years of neglecting myself. I’ve suppressed my own feelings to the point where I couldn’t even trust my own opinion. People-pleasing was my way of life and I felt trapped in an endless cycle of confusion, emptiness, and feeling like shit.


I’ll never forget the day I finally declared to the Universe that things must change. 


My kids have gotten older and one of them left home. I sensed an immense feeling of loneliness in my heart. At that moment, I wasn’t sure anymore who I was. 


Who will I be once all my children start their own families?


I told God that I was willing to see things differently, that I was willing to trade my anxiety for a phenomenal life, that I was so READY for more.


And I wasn’t doing this just for me. I made a vow that if I was taught how to restore my identity and confidence as an individual, I would teach mothers everywhere to do the same.

I asked for a miracle and I was given divine guidance.

After that prayer, I was first led to doing the inner work. I spent two years working on myself, working on learning forgiveness, flow, acceptance, and letting go.


  • I’ve begun to understand the vibration of confidence.

  • I’ve begun to FEEL the frequency of self-trust.

  • At that point, it became crystal clear.


My confidence, that deep trust in who I am, was no longer based on what the fudge people thought of me, or what those weird tenets of religion teach, or what the expert authorities say.

I’ve finally taken my power back. 


From being too involved with my children’s lives and feeling like a shadow to my husband (who is a wonderful man by the way!!), I rediscovered what I love about myself and what I enjoy doing for myself.


Not only did I restore my soul identity and confidence in who I am, I also reinvented myself in ways that make me wanna high five myself in the mirror! 


I’ve manifested a juicy life that delights my soul ... that feels so aligned with my values and dreams … a life that fulfills me not just as a mother but as an individual.


And this kind of sensational life is available for you, too.

Confident As A Mutha is me keeping my vow.

My intention is to help moms overcome the feelings of guilt, shame, emptiness, confusion and overwhelm.


AND you don’t have to wait until your kids are all grown up before you can restore your soul identity and be unapologetically confident about who you are!


You can have it NOW!

Confident As A Mutha will open your eyes to your infinite worth just because you’re a mom -  God’s co-creator of life!


You will start to embody confidence instead of just saying or thinking it.

Wake up every morning knowing that self-love, your love for yourself, is what makes you miraculous, magnetic, and sensational. And finally knowing that owning who you are is the missing link to manifesting your wildest dreams and desires!


Confident As A Mutha will REVOLUTIONIZE your life so that you can:


  • Have such confidence in yourself that you don't give A SINGLE FUCK what others think of you. 

  • Take on new projects, business or personal goals without fear of failure because  even if it doesn't turn out as expected, you kicked ass and learned valuable lessons. 

  • Walk into a room and 1,000 times know that you are as good as anyone else in that room. 

  • Build an unshakable self-esteem that you need NO validation from anyone other than yourself. 

  • Have the tools you need to defeat any negativity that pops up -  any time, any day. 

  • Understand, once and for all, that you are a sexy bitch and baby, you have permission to FLAUNT it! 

  • Stop comparing yourself to anyone else and be so certain of yourself and your abilities, that you know, there is NOBODY else out there like you.

  • Live 100% in your Authenticity and CRUSH life with your awesomeness. 

What You Will Get


  • Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls → Step into my energy as I bust the limiting beliefs that are stopping the Confident Queen in you to emerge. I’ll talk about the vibration of self-love, self-trust, and what confidence truly FEELS. [Value: $,2900]

  • Pre-Recorded Meditations → Transform your life by rearranging and shifting your old beliefs through my guided meditations. These meditations are the bomb! They will help you integrate ease and grace in your transformation process! [Value: $499]

  • Printable Workbook - Get access to the journal prompts that I used to find the answers within me. Let this workbook serve as a beautiful record of your personal progress. [Value: $97]

  • Private Facebook Group - Additional access to love, support, and confidence boost from me and your fellow students. [Value: Priceless!]

The Best Bonus In The Universe!

Unlimited Voxer Access (Value $550)

Over $4000 in total value!

How it Works:


The Confident As A Mutha program is held 100% online. 


The live calls will be held via Zoom and you will have access to the replay.


The meditations are recorded for you.


You will have access to the bonus and the Facebook group immediately upon enrollment.

If you have any questions, email my assistant at hello@theritualqueen.com



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サービスサイトの「条件検索」で、「都道府県」を指定して コース検索が可能ですのでお試しください。 2020年3月末時点で、関東・東海・関西のコースを主に掲載していますが、 順次、掲載エリアを拡大していきます。


コースに設定されている「スタート地点」に行ってください。 指定地点に近づくと「走行開始」ボタンを押すことができます。 タイムカウントが始まり「コースMAP」と「チェックポイント」が現れますので 準備ができたら走行を開始してください。


「コースMAP」に設定されたチェックポイントに近づき 「チェックインボタン(旗マーク)」を押すと、チェックインとなります。 GPSで位置を判定しますので、チェックポイントから離れているとチェックインできません。


推奨いたしません。 バッテリーの損耗や、他アプリの起動に伴うクラッシュの原因になります。 走行画面で「一時停止」ボタンを押した状態で、翌日まで保留し、再スタートする操作については、正常な動作を保証できません。


モバイルバッテリーの携行を強くお勧めします。 【参考値】テスト端末では「60km走行」で「50%のバッテリー損耗」を平均値として記録しています。


「誰がつくったコースか(コース制作者)」を掲載の基準にしています。 「この人が作ったコースなら安心できる」という方を、「コース・クリエイター」と認定し、その方が制作したコースのみ掲載しています。 具体的には、 ・サイクリングに関し「有償」でサービスを提供する事業者であること ・コースの質について責任と信用を担保できると事務局で判断できること を、基準にしています。


以下のいずれかに当てはまれば、掲載可能です。 1)上記の「コース・クリエイター」の条件に当てはまること コースクリエイター申込フォームよりご登録ください。 審査ののち、専用入力フォームを送付します。 2)「コース・クリエイター講座」を受講すること 不定期に開催するコース制作者のための専用講座を受講された方は、制作コースを登録・掲載することが可能です。

So are you ready?
Yes! Let’s do this!

Investment: $333 


Payment plan: 3 bi-weekly payments of $111 OR 4 bi-weekly payments of $138.75.


I can’t wait for you to claim yourself back and be Confident As A Mutha!