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Meditating in Nature

AromaTapping Masterclass


A new take on combining the neurological aspect of the EFT with the sensory aspect of the essential oils to provide you a holistic alternative that  could have massive impact on overcoming your  limiting beliefs, resistance  and struggles.

 You are ready to make a change. You are ready to let go. You are ready to take action.


We are combining the energy healing of EFT with the emotional healing of Aromatherapy to help you release the negative and restore balance.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping is a proven way to help you release your limiting beliefs and transform them to what you really want to believe. 

Aromatherapy helps you use scent to connect to your thoughts. Sensory helps to bring you back to  your memories. 

Combining the two will help you anchor in your thoughts and feelings with the scent of essential oils. 

Marble Surface

Can This Help Me?

Do you suffer from stress? 

Do you have anxiety or depression? 

Do you lack confidence or self-esteem? 

Do you have trouble focusing? 

Do you have a complicated relationship with money, food, people? 

Then YES, this class can help you. It will help you to break the negative hold your inner critic has on your mind and re-wire your thoughts so that they help you to achieve your goals.  

What even more out of the free recording? Grab the workbook.

Only $5.55 for a 13 page PDF workbook 

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